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Home Cinema Choice Best Buy Award DLA-N5

Home Cinema Choice Best Buy Award JVC's DLA-N5

JVC has gone native (4K) with its ‘mainstream’ D-ILA projectors. John Archer dims the lights and drools.

AVForums Best in Class Award DLA-N7B

AVForums Best in Class Award JVC's DLA-N7B

The N7 delivers the best HDR images we have seen to date from a projector. It's well made, has a great new remote control, fully-spec'd HDMI inputs and a comprehensive set of features.

Home Cinema Choice Recommended Award DLA-N7B

Home Cinema Choice Recommended Award JVC's DLA-N7B

JVC extends its lineup of native 4K projectors in the shape of the DLA-N7B. Steve Withers from Home Cinema Choice investigates.

AVForums - Editors Choice DLA-X7900

AVForums Editor's Choice Award for Best Home Cinema Projector 2018 JVC's DLA-X7900

The JVC DLA-X7900 was launched last December and is still our reference point when it comes to comparison reviews.

Home Cinema Choice - Best Buy DLA-X5900

Home Cinema Choice Best Buy Award

Take a walk on the dark side. Much improved processing joins class-leading black levels to deliver JVC’s most compelling and current-feeling mid-range projector since the arrival of 4K.

AV Forums Editors Choice DLA-Z1

DLA-Z1 – AV Forums - Editor's Choice – Best Projector Innovation

The Z1 is an impressive piece of technology, delivering the most breathtaking HDR images seen from a projector.

AV Forum's Editos Choice DLA-X5900

DLA-X5900 – AV Forums - Editor's Choice – Best Projector Over £3,000

Accepts a full 4K/60p 4:4:4 signal, supports High Dynamic Range (HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma), Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) and 10-bit video. It’s attractively designed, has an excellent feature set that includes a low input lag mode, calibration controls and a motorised lens memory. The X5900 also has JVC’s superb black levels and contrast performance.

AV Forums Best Buy DLA-X5900

DLA-X5900 – AV Forums – Best Buy

“Another very accomplished projector from JVC with great performance, features and price”

AV Forums high recommended DLA-X7900

DLA-X7900 - AV Forums – Highly Rcommended

“…JVC excels above all of the competition. It provides the most cinematic image on the market that looks stunningly realistic, accurate and with incredible depth and dynamic range.”

AV Forums best buy JVC DLA-X5000BE D-ILA HDR projector

AV Forums best buy award 2016 JVC DLA-X5000BE D-ILA HDR projector

"The DLA-X5000BE has some great future proofing with HDMI 2.0a inputs, HDCP 2.2 and support for HDR."