DLA-N7B AVForums Best in Class Award

DLA-N7B D-ILA 4K Projector wins AVForums Best in Class Award 2019

"The N7 delivers the best HDR images we have seen to date from a projector" - Steve Withers

The JVC DLA-N7B is a superb native 4K projector, that delivers stunning SDR, HDR and 3D images. It's well made, has a great new remote control, fully-spec'd HDMI inputs and a comprehensive set of features. The image accuracy is impressive, while the brightness and black levels are both excellent, even if the contrast performance isn't quite as good as the previous generation.

However what really impresses are the new HDR features, with Frame Adapt HDR dynamically adjusting the tone mapping based on the incoming video signal. The result is the best projected HDR we have seen to date. This projector isn't small, nor is it cheap, but it's definitely worth it. Our only real complaints are a shoddy lens cover and lack of a dedicated 3D mode, but otherwise the N7 is hard to beat and the best in its class.

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