AVForums Best Home Cinema Projector 2018

AVForums Editor's Choice Award for Best Home Cinema Projector 2018
JVC's DLA-X7900



The JVC DLA-X7900 was launched last December and is still our reference point when it comes to comparison reviews.

The DLA-X7900 offers stunning SDR performance with superb black levels, shadow detail and accuracy.

There is a genuine cinematic feel to the JVC’s projected images that no other projector currently on the market can compete against. Images have superb depth thanks to strong black levels and highly detailed shadows that create the perfect depth to dark or murky scenes, like our favourite Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Blu-ray. The opening scene is a dank and wet affair with thunder overhead, rain falling all around and the choir starting to build within the sound mix. As this happens, we pull back on Caesar, his fur is wet and with the DLA-X7900 there is depth to that coat and we can make out strands of hair in the darkest areas. There is depth and detail to his face with every line building, the structures under his eyes and the murkiness of his face and coat in such heavy rain look utterly real. As the camera moves back to reveal more we see excellent detail to the bark of the trees and superb accuracy to the greens and browns on the moss covered tree trunks. Motion is also very good when things eventually kick off and the Apes chase down the herd of deer on the forest floor with no induced judder or motion blur that shouldn’t be there. It all looks natural and film like. The natural dynamic range of the JVC really does help with the HDR image quality and our only gripe is some slight clipping with some material.

Overall, there are no projectors at this price point or below which can provide such a superb cinematic image with SDR and HDR content. This is the perfect partner for a bat-cave dedicated cinema room where the dynamic range and contrast can really shine.


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