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"This new flagship introduces a brand new projector chassis over the outgoing X-series e-shift 4K models, with a much larger case and huge lens assembly and opening" - Phil Hinton

As a projector, the DLA-NX9 is stunning with SDR and HDR content as you would imagine. As we have said in detail, the Frame Adapt system has really added a game-changing edge when it comes to HDR tone mapping for a projector and that is available throughout the range of N-Series units. The lens is high-quality glass and that is obvious straight away from lifting the projector out of the box and then with use. Images are sharp and detailed with excellent screen uniformity when it comes to focus with no obvious signs of chromatic aberration. Colour performance is also excellent with almost full DCI-P3 coverage and good volume thanks to the dynamic tone mapping. Blacks are also very good and just above black detail retrieval is a real strong point with HDR content, adding real depth to images and skin tones are life-like and natural through SDR and HDR content. And while there is a slight rise in the black floor by swapping to the 4K native chips, contrast and dynamic range remain class-leading and it retains that JVC cinematic look many of us have enjoyed for a number of years now.

It is expensive, but in its market segment, the JVC DLA-NX9 adds a new approach to HDR which actually really works to raise the picture quality of a projector with the format. With all the other added features, build quality and new lens set up, we feel the NX9 is best in its class at this market point.

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