AV Forums Best Buy Award DLA-X7000BE JVC projector

AV Forums Best Buy Award 2016 - JVC DLA-X7000BE D-ILA HDR Projector

“With native 4K material and streamed 4K video the performance is once again superb with excellent colour reproduction right out of the box and stunning sharpness.”


What is the JVC DLA-X7000?

After a gap of two years spent turning JVC into JVCKENWOOD and deciding if projectors were still going to be a viable product line, the DLA-X7000 is the latest mid-range D-ILA E-Shift4 home cinema projector to be released in the UK. At a time of major flux and upheaval in the consumer electronics business with regards to new features like HDR, wider colour spaces, 10bit video, HDMI2.0a, HDCP2.2 and 4K Ultra HD resolution, the X7000 offers its own unique take on each and enables the end user to stay relevant and as future-proofed as you can be right now in January 2016. Click here to read more -->





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