D-ILA Firmware Update Version 2.0

JVC presents Firmware version 2.0 for the JVC D-ILA projectors DLA-NP5, DLA-NZ7, DLA-NZ8 and DLA-NZ9! This free firmware update adds new features and functions, creating images that come closer to reality than ever before.  


FILMMAKER MODE™ is a picture mode developed by the UHD Alliance, an organization of Hollywood movie studios, TV studios, content distributors, consumer electronics manufacturers, and device developers, with the aim of faithfully reproducing the intentions of the filmmakers at  home. When using this mode, picture adjustment functions such as frame interpolation and noise reduction are turned off and the color temperature is set to D65 (6500K), allowing users to enjoy movies and documentaries with picture quality that is faithful to the master.


New Laser Dynamic Control (NZ9/NZ8/NZ7)

A new mode with a new algorithm has been added to the dynamic control of BLU-Escent, JVC’s proprietary laser light source technology. In the previous mode, control was based on the average luminance of the entire screen, but the new mode adjusts based on peak luminance to achieve a more brilliant visual beauty, reproducing images such as stars twinkling in the pitch blackness and night scenes with a sense of dynamic beauty. In addition, images with lower peak luminance can be enjoyed with a greater sense of contrast.


Two additional "Frame Adapt HDR" picture modes

Two "Frame Adapt HDR" picture modes for HDR10 have been added, bringing the total to three modes. The adjustment values can be stored in the memory according to the content genre, so you can enjoy your favorite settings simply by switching the picture mode.

Current: There is only one Frame Adapt HDR, so it is necessary to
switch the settings one by one depending on the content.

After update: Frame Adapt HDR increased to 3 modes. By setting the adjustment values in advance, the preferred settings can be recalled simply by switching the picture quality mode.


New HDR Level added to "Frame Adapt HDR” 

In response to customer requests for brighter and more dynamic HDR images, New "Auto (Wide)" mode that places more emphasis on brightness, has been added to the HDR level setting in addition to the existing "Auto" mode*. This allows users to enjoy more dynamic HDR images according to their preferences.


New screens added to “Screen Adjustment Mode”

Support for additional screens from the latest well-known domestic and international manufacturers. 19 new types of screen materials are supported, for a total of 199 types. A detailed overview of the screens can be found here: https://www.jvc.com/global/projector/screen/


If you wish to download firmware version 2.0, you can do so by clicking the download link below. Please make sure you follow the update procedure, according to the enlcosed pdf file!

This firmware will not change or delete any settings. However we do advise you to make a note (or photograph) of the settings, just in case something goes wrong during the update.