GY-HM250ESB sports broadcast 4K camera

GY-HM250ESB compact live streaming 4K camcorder with SDI and broadcast / sports graphics

Rugby graphic overlay

The JVC GY-HM250ESB is a unique 4K camcorder, it has the advanced streaming engine from JVC that makes it incredibly easy to stream directly from the camera to social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitch, Periscope or other CDNs as well as simultaneously recording to SD cards in the camera in a variety of formats but what sets it apart is graphic overlays built into the camera so for a live broadcast with a lower third, bug, logo, full screen advert or even s sports score all you need is the camera and a web enabled device to edit the graphics.


football score patterns


The GY-HM250ESB is part of JVC’s 4KCAM range, it is an excellent professional video camera with SDI, XLR and live streaming capabilities, if you don’t need to live stream or require SDI then please check out the GY-HM180E and GY-HM170E which are essentially the same camera but without these features respectively.


Broadcast graphic overlay


IP Network Comm & Streaming


If you are looking for a professional camcorder with SDI, live streaming and graphics then the GY-HM250ESB is the answer.


graphic overlays and advertising


Having led the way in professional streaming video cameras for sometime we realised that videographers needed a way to display Computer Graphics or CG as part of their live broadcasts so our engineers developed a graphics engine that allows users to create graphic templates on their computers which they then transfer to the camera and can launch directly from the camera menu and edit from any web browser on the same network as the computer.


Broadcast graphic overlay new coverage


Not stopping there, we added sports graphic overlays creating the perfect solution for sports streaming. Templates are available for many sports, these can be prepared at the beginning of the season or tournament so all the camera operator has to do on the day is to select the 2 teams or competitors and start streaming.


An easy to use web interface makes it simple for users to change the score or switch to larger graphics for advertising during breaks in play, half time or full time. This can be a perfect companion to users sports clubs looking for a video camera for coaching or analysis, the GY-HM250ESB can record video to the Sports Video Interoperability standard for loading into 3rd party sports analysis tools such as Hudl, XOS Thunder and DV Sport.



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GY-HM180 Brochure

GY-HM250ESB Brochure

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