DT-U Series studio monitors by JVC Professional

The DT-U31PRO, DT-U27HB & DT-U31 4K monitors offer the best price performance ratio on the market

JVC Pro studio monitors DT-U 3 series


High brightness UHD model with
750 nits
UHD model
Full DCI 4K monitor with a native resolution of 4096x2160


All models have a 10 bit panel, HDR and HLG support, 4x3G-SDI inputs for quad link 4K (4x1.5G is also supported), 12G and HDMI. There is an SFP module for future upgrade options. The monitor can be controlled over IP using a web remote. They have an ultra-low latency mode for critical Audio/Video applications. They cover all of ITU709 and 97-99% of DCI-P3 (depending on the model).

single link 4k & quad link & 2SI 4K-input

As well as 3D LUTs there are built in LUTs for log support including, JVC J-log1, ARRI Log-C, SONY S-log2, S-log3, Canon C-log, Panasonic V-log and RedLogFilm.


All models have waveform, vector and histogram display.

waveform vector histogram for DT-U studio monitors

The price and performance of the JVC DT-U range makes them ideal for online and offline 4K editing and production, camera racking, sub titling and graphics operations and finishing on a budget. User presets allow the monitor to be calibrated and configured for particular projects and colour spaces for example Rec. 709 and then switched instantly to another such as DCI P3.

All models have built-in front panel USB colour calibration sensor support.


Front Controls

front controls for DT-U series studio monitor


Rear Terminals

Rear terminals for studio monitos DT-U Series

DT-U31 pictured, DT-U27HB and DT-U31PRO have the same front control and rear interfaces





DT-U Series Brochure

DT-U Series Brochure


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