DLA-NX9 THX Certificate

JVC Projectors DNX-NX9 / DLA-RS3000 Achieve World’s First THX 4K HDR Certification

Underlining its commitment to deliver the best home theater experience possible, JVC today announced that two of their new home theater projectors achieved THX 4K HDR Certification, the first display products to do so.

The new JVC DLA-NX9 and DLA-RS3000 are the only display devices to date to have achieved THX 4K HDR Certification, the most demanding specification that a display product can achieve. Both models feature JVC’s newest native 4K D-ILA device and the company’s 8K e-shift technology to produce an 8K image on the screen.

HDR content offers a substantial improvement in image quality with its expanded luminance range, wide color gamut, 10-bit gradation, and other enhancements. THX 4K HDR Certification ensures that a display achieves all that HDR can deliver to provide the most true-to-life video images.

A key feature of the new JVC projectors is the Auto Tone Mapping function, which automatically adjusts settings for the optimum HDR10 image. The HDR10 mastering information MaxCLL (Maximum Content Light Level) / MaxFALL (Maximum Frame Average Light Level) varies greatly depending on content. Therefore, in order to achieve the best HDR10 experience it is necessary to set the appropriate brightness settings for each piece of programming. The new Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts settings based on the mastering information. Various HDR images with different brightness can be viewed optimally without constant manual adjustment of the settings. THX tests for tone mapping to ensure that all content is rendered with precise definition in the brightest and darkest areas. In cases where content does not contain mastering information, a fixed value will be set or, it can be manually adjusted.

And to meet THX requirements for high contrast between light and dark areas of the screen, tests for tone mapping ensure that all content is rendered with precise definition in the brightest and darkest areas.

“JVC is always at the forefront of delivering emerging technologies, and pushing the boundaries of quality and performance,” states Peter Vasay, SVP of Technology Operations at THX. “We are amazed at the detail and precision in the picture quality of JVC’s 4K HDR projectors. Whenever we certify a product from JVC, we know we are working with equipment that will truly deliver the artist’s vision.”


JVC's DLA-NX9 Projector THX Certificate


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