JVC Celebrates the 20th year of D-ILA Device development Introducing new projector line-up featuring “4K e-shift5” and D-ILA 20th Anniversary Limited Model “DLA-20LTD”

JVC D-ILA 4K e-shift5 HDR




JVC 20th Anniversay D-ILA ProjectorsJVCKENWOOD first developed its original high-performance reflective liquid crystal device “D-ILA” (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) for projectors in 1997. This year, 2017 is the 20th anniversary since the first D-ILA device development.  

JVC’s proprietary "D-ILA" device is one of the representative model of reflective liquid crystal device "LCOS" (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) for projectors, and it has characteristics that can achieve both high luminance and high definition.

After developing SXGA (1.3 mega pixel) type in October 1997, JVC successfully developed 4K resolution D-ILA device in year 2000. From there onwards, developing 0.7 inch full HD device in 2006 and realizing the world's smallest 0.69inch 4K device in 2016, JVC’s D-ILA device has accumulated mass production performance for many years and continued to pursue its path of miniaturization and high contrast as the device for high-end projectors.

This year marking the 20th anniversary of D-ILA device, JVC introduces D-ILA projectors "DLA-X9900BE", "DLA-X7900B/WE", "DLA-X5900B/WE” compatible with 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) as new product line-up planned to be released in October. In addition, celebrating the 20th anniversary, a special model "DLA-20LTD" is being planned.

This series, while making full use of high resolution and high contrast of "D-ILA" device, incorporate "4K e-shift5” technology which has new algorithm optimal for 4K contents, reproducing the most precise 4K picture quality ever. In addition, the HDR function has been improved to enjoy the full merit that you can get out of the JVC projectors. 


4K/HDR compatible D-ILA Projector “DLA-X9900BE”, “DLA-X7900B/WE”, “X5900B/WE”


Main Features


4K e-shift5 JVC1. Ultimately evolved "4K e-shift5"

"e-shift" is JVC’s proprietary high resolution display technology which realizes 4K resolution. 4K contents are becoming more common and following that trend, the algorithm is redesigned. The new algorithm improves the precision of 4K reproduction which results in clear picture with more depth and reality. It also reduces unnecessary artifacts appearing at the same time.


HDR JVC2. Literally “Dynamic” HDR function

Unlike direct view type displays whose screen size and brightness are specified, when trying to reproduce the PQ curve adopted by HDR10 on a projector, adjustment on the projector is indispensable.

In addition to the Auto Switching HDR Picture mode and the gamma adjustment function that can flexibly adjust the image according to the viewing environment, for "DLA-X9900BE" and "DLA-X7900B/WE", two color profiles, one prioritising Brightness, and the other prioritizing Color, can be selected depending on the customers’ requirement.

Not only that, maximum brightness of 2,000 lm (DLA-X9900BE), and the industry’s leading native contrast ratio of 160,000:1 (DLA-X9900BE), together with the use of intelligent lens aperture which can now be active for HDR content, can let you enjoy the most dynamic HDR images ever seen before.

Also to help customers adjust the projector, the mastering information (MaxCLL / FALL)* included in HDR content such as UHD Blu-ray will be shown on the OSD information screen.

*Depending on content and player, it may not be displayed.


3. "Multiple Pixel Control"

JVC’s original image processing technology "Multiple Pixel Control" has been improved together with the improvement of e-shift technology. The new process can deliver fine grain 4K images more than ever.

It achieves the reality unique to 4K resolution.


4. Low Latency Mode realizing High Quality Image

"Low Latency Mode"* that reduces the frame delay, not only can deliver merit for improved game play. It can also offer merit for processing high band-width signals such as 4K10bit, 12bit etc. directly without compression. You can enjoy great images without losing the quality of the original source.

*Not possible to use at same time with 3D playback or Clear Motion drive


5. 18Gbps Full 4K transmission with HDCP 2.2

Full specification 4K video input compatible with 18Gbps transmission band such as 4K/60p 4:4:4, 4K/60p 4:2:2/36bit, 4K/24p 4:4:4/36bit is possible. It realizes beautiful color tone expression and smooth gradations. It also supports HDCP 2.2, which enables playback of copyright-protected content such as video distribution service and UHD Blu-ray.

*Not possible to use at same time with 3D playback or Clear Motion drive


Other Features

THX 3D Display JVC

1. Certified with "THX 3D display standard (DLA-X9900BE, DLA-X7900B/WE)


2. Two blur reduction technologies, "Clear Motion Drive" which is compatible up to 4K/60p 4:4:4 video signals, and "Motion Enhance" which optimally drives the "D-ILA" device are equipped.


3. 6 axis color management installed.


4. Compatible with "Auto Calibration Function"* that optimises image quality under various installation conditions and also compromise for the changing colour balance in long-term projector usage etc.

*In order to use the "Auto Calibration Function", an optical sensor, exclusive software, PC and LAN cable is required.


5. Additional screen compatibility for "Screen Adjustment Mode", which correct the color balance that can differ by various screen characteristics.


6. Two memory prepared for "pixel adjustment function" capable of fine adjustment by 1/16 pixel units.


Optional Accessories


Currently available optional 3D accessories, RF emitter PK‐EM2, RF glasses PK‐EM3, and spare lamp PK‐L2615U are compatible to the new line-up.


D-ILA 20th Anniversary Limited model “DLA-20LTD”


A limited production model created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of JVC’s "D-ILA" device. It adopts Red as the main body color. Red is the corporate color of the JVC brand, and it expresses the passion (enthusiasm) to further development of the future D-ILA projector. Red color is also aimed to suite High-end Home Theatre rooms where Red is used to create Luxury atmosphere.


DLA-20LTD JVC 20th Anniversary Limited Editition Projector


DLA-20LTD Special Features

1. Limited production Worldwide.


2. Realise the highest native contrast ratio 200,000:1
By hand selecting the top performing "D-ILA" devices and optical parts, we achieved the industry's highest native contrast ratio of 200,000:1.


3. Special Exterior
Special Luxury "JVC Red" color finish, with 20th Anniversary print on the top panel.


4. 20th Anniversary Special Opening Logo
The 20th anniversary logo will be displayed when the projector is started up.
For Further details of how to purchase please wait for announcement from JVC



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