JVC Launches New Water-Resistant Bluetooth Sport Headphones Evolved for Serious Runners

AE Series Sports headphones


New AE Series (ATHLETE EVOLVED) includes in-ear and ear clip models.


For those looking to liven up their workout or run, JVC announces the new “AE Series” water resistant sport Bluetooth headphones designed to stay comfortably in place during the most rigorous activities.


The AE Series includes two in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones --- the HA-ET50BT with ear fin and the HA-EC30BT with ear clip. Both models are water resistant, (IPX5) and are available in a choice of colours. Other common features include smart cable management, with a magnetic housing to hold the two ends together around the user’s neck when not in use. A choice between regular earpieces and open-type earpieces, which allow ambient sounds to be heard such as approaching traffic.Both are equipped with a mic and remote control.




The HA-ET50BT in-ear Bluetooth headphones feature JVC’s Pivot Motion Fit – a soft rubber-rotating hook that fits within the ear just above the ear canal to provide an ultra-secure yet very comfortable fit. To tailor the fit to each user, the hook can rotate and its position can easily be adjusted while wearing the earpiece. They’re available in three colours – black, yellow and blue offering up to nine hours of battery life.




For those who prefer an ear clip sports headphone rather than an in-ear model, JVC offers the new HA-EC30BT Bluetooth headphones. Featuring a softly curved ear clip that provides a comfortable, secure fit. They provide up to eight hours of battery life and are available in four colours – black, blue, red and yellow.


In addition to the above, JVC has developed an original complimentary app. “JVC Run & Music” which will help runners improve their running skills through music. The app automatically analyses the BPM (beats per minute) of tunes stored in a runner’s smartphone and creates a playlist of music suited for the pace of his/her running. The app is available free from Apps store iOS users and from google play for Android users. The app can be used together with any other Running App plus you can keep records and naturally add advantage to your running.


The AE series will be available from 30th April 2017.



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