Headphones model features


True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

HA-A10T features

HA-A10T >

True Wireless Memory Foam Earbuds



Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

HA-S31BT features

HA-S31BT >

Deep Bass Wireless headphones


HA-S35BT features

HA-S35BT >

Deep Bass Bluetooth on ear headphones



Noise Cancelling Headphones


HA-S65BN Noise Cancelling headphones - main features


HA-S65BN >

On ear superior sound headphones


HA-S90BN-Z Noise Cancelling headphones - main features


HA-S90BN-Z >

Around ear premium sound headphones


HA-S90BN Noise Cancelling headphones - main features


HA-S90BN >

Around ear premium sound headphones



Sports Headphones


HA-ET90BT features


Truly wireless sports headphones

HA-EN10 features

HA-EN10 & HA-ENR15>

In ear Gumy sports headphones

HA-EB75 features

HA-EB75 >

Ear clip sports headphones

HA-EC30BT features


Water Resistant Sports Headphones


Gumy Headphones


HA-FX9BT Features



Gumy wireless in ear headphones


HA-F160 features


HA-F160 >

Gumy in ear headphones


HA-FX7M features



Gumy in ear headphones with mic & remote



Marshmallow Headphones


HA-FX35BT features



Wireless Marshmallow in ear headphones HA-FX35BT with voice assistant compatibility and rain proof design


HA-FX38M & HA-FX38 features


HA-FX38M & HA-FX38 >

Marshmallow in ear headphones HA-FX38 / HA-FX38M with mic & remote



Wired Headphones


HA-S31M flat foldable headphones features


HA-S31M >

On ear HA-S31M flat foldable headphones with mic & remote



Xtreme Xplosives Headphones


HA-SR50X features


HA-SR50X >

XTREME XPLOSIVES series on ear headphones


Tinyphones Headphones


HA-KD7 features


HA-KD7 >

Kid's headphones with volume limiter


HA-KD5 features


HA-KD5 >

Kid's headphones with volume limiter