6.8” Capacitive Touch Screen with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.
USB Android Mirroring and Bluetooth Multimedia System


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The KW-M560BT is a digital media receiver featuring 6.8" capacitive touch screen. Keeping you connected on the road with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto/USB Mirroring for Android Phones and Bluetooth hands-free and music streaming.





Apple CarPlay Features

A smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone in the car. Apple CarPlay gives iPhone users an intuitive way to make calls, use Maps, and listen to music with just a word or a touch.


CarPlay JVC Siri or touch control

Latest Update

With the latest iOS version (iOS 13.0 and higher), 3rd party navigation apps like Google Maps™ and Waze™ are supported.


CarPlay JVC KW-M560BT iPhone calls

Siri voice

Ask Siri to make a call, return missed call or listen to voice mails.

CarPlay JVC with Apple Maps

Apple Maps - Navigation

This intuative navigation app can use searches from emails, texts, contacts and calendar information for fast navigation. The near by feature also allows local search for parking, petrol stations, restaurants and much more, whilst providing information on ETA, minutes and miles for your route.

CarPlay JVC iPhone Waze

Waze - Navigation

The ever popular Waze app provides the latest navigation guidance and traffic avoidance, road works, police and more, in real-time.

CarPlay KW-M560BT Apple Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks

iTunes Music, Apple Music/Radio, Podcasts and Audiobooks

Just ask Siri what you would like to hear, and your in-built and cloud-based music libraries are availble to suit your mood.


CarPlay JVC KW-M560BT Spotify

Additional apps like Spotify

You can get access to more apps like Spotify, which will automatically appear on the Apple CarPlay menu.



Android Auto Features

For Android mobile phone users, we have included the Android Auto feature. Its simple and intuitive interface and powerful voice support is designed to minimize distraction and maximize your connection to contacts and music collection. With the latest Android OS version, Google Maps™ and Waze™ navigation are now supported.


Android Auto JVC KW-M560BT

Hey Google voice or touch control

Simply ask your Google assistant to get directions, make calls, send messages or search for music. Or simply touch one of the icons on the clear capacitive display.


Android Auto JVC KW-M560BT calls

Make and Receive Calls

Google voice assistant will also allow you to make calls, return missed calls or listen to voice mails.

Android Auto JVC KW-M560BT Google Maps

Google Maps

For navigation, use Google Maps to guide you to your destination with free voice-guided navigation. This also includes live traffic information, lane guidance and more. The convinient "explore around you" feature allows local search for food, drinks and much more.

Android Auto JVC KW-M560BT Waze


Andoid Auto now features the ever popular Waze app, which provides the latest navigation map guidance and traffic avoidance, road works, police and more, in real-time.




USB Android Mirroring

Connect your Android smartphone via USB to mirror onto the large 6.8" touch screen display, you can then operate your Android applications via the receiver touch panel.

USB Android Mirroring KW-M560BT


What is Mechless Short Body?

The chasis of the KW-M560BT is only 75mm deep, meaning that installation is much easier than traditional 135mm products.


KW-M745DBT short body



Other features of the KW-M560BT

6.8" capacitive touch control display

KW-M560BT Capacitive Screen

The large 6.8" capacitive touch panel includes customisable widgets area to give a very modern look and ease of access to your favourite applications.


iPhone/Android Bluetooth automatic pairing

Bluetooth automatic pairing with JVC KW-M560BT

 Connect your smartphone via the USB and the automatic Bluetooth pairing function will complete the pairing.

Bluetooth music streaming

Bluetooth music streaming JVC KW-M560BT

If you would prefer to use our Bluetooth music streaming feature, rathen than Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, simply select the BT Audio source. Then search and play tracks using the browsing function.


USB rapid charging (1.5A)

Rapid charge via USB

Help keep your phone fully charged using the rapid charge USB input. (Please note that this feature depends on your smartphones capabilities)


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