Counterfeit Headphone Warning

We are aware of counterfeit JVC headphones that are being sold in the UK. The HA-FX1X and Gumy models are the most common. These counterfeit products do not conform to JVC specifications and are not covered by a JVC warranty. They are generally of very poor quality and the sound will not be what you would expect from a genuine JVC product. In addition, they have not passed any safety tests and may contain unsafe materials.

We are working with The UK Border Agency and Trading Standards to stop the importation and sale of these counterfeit products, and this is an ongoing operation.

To ensure that you only purchase genuine JVC products, we strongly suggest that you purchase only from an authorised JVC dealer.

Many of the counterfeit products are sold via Online Marketplace and Auction Websites, and we suggest that you be particularly careful when purchasing from these sources.