HA-FXC51, HA-FXC80 and HA-KX100 Headphones

We have recently discovered that the filters used in the earpieces of a limited number of these headphones may become detached during use. Although this is very unlikely, as a precaution we recommend that the headphones should be used without the filters.

To remove the filters:

1. Remove the silicon earpieces from headphones.

2. Pinch the tip of the earpiece and push the filter out through the rear of the earpiece. The filter may stay on the headphone driver unit when the earpiece is removed. If it does, please remove the filter from the driver unit.

3. Refit the earpieces to the headphones.




The audio performance of the headphones is unaffected by removing the filters. If the earpiece becomes soiled with wax, please wash the earpiece with a mild detergent and let it air dry.

If you have any questions please contact JVC Customer Support by clicking on this link to email us.