Reference Series 4K HDR and full-HD 3D projector


The DLA-RS3000 is the world's first 8K e-shift home theater projector and is capable of 8192 x 4320 image resolution. This premium, custom install projector is built with hand-selected components and features a high resolution 100mm diameter, 18-element, 16-group all glass lens with full aluminum lens barrel. Coupled with the new 0.69 inch 4K D-ILA device, the DLA-RS3000 delivers the sharpest home theater or movie suite image available today.


  • 8K e-shift yields 8192 x 4320 projected image
  • High-definition display native 4K resolution (4096 x 2160)
  • New 0.69 inch native 4K D-ILA devices (x3)
  • Two 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 Compatible Inputs
  • Wide Color Gamut (Over 100% DCI P3)
  • Compatible with Hybrid Log-Gamma that is expected to be used widely in future broadcasting
  • 2,200 Lumens with High Power Lamp (PK-L2618U)
  • 100,000:1 native (1,000,000:1 dynamic) contrast ratio
  • HDR10 Compatibility with Auto Tone Mapping
  • ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Licensed
  • 100mm all-glass lens
  • Colour Management System with 6-axis Matrix
  • Control: Control4 SDDP / LAN / RS-232C / IR / 12V Screen Trigger Output / 3D Sync Output
  • Low Latency Mode improves picture, speeds operation and reduces gaming/PC frame delays
  • Wireless transmission options for 3D viewing: RF (radio frequency)
  • Auto-Calibration Function using optional sensor probe and Software
  • Renewed Clear Motion Drive supporting 4K60P (4:4:4) signal
  • Motion Enhance technology reduces residual images and blurring
  • Built with hand selected components
  • THX® 4K Certified (pending final approval)
  • Improved Clear Motion Drive with Motion Enhance
  • Improved Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) — MPC works with 4K60P (4:4:4) signals
  • Display the MaxCLL and MaxFALL mastering data available for HDR content on some UHD Blu-ray discs
  • New Installation Mode simplifies setup and memorizes up to 10 customizable picture preferences
  • Note: Not supporting 8K sources!
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Technical Specifications

DLA-RS3000 - Reference Series 4K HDR and full-HD 3D projector

Technical Specials
New 0.69 inch Native 4K D-ILA device
The 0.69 inch native 4K D-ILA device with 3.8μm pixel pitch achieves high definition
display of about 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160 pixels) exceeding 4 times the Full HD
resolution. High contrast is realized by improved planarization technique which reduces
light scattering and light diffraction realizing high native contrast ratio. The narrow pitch
realize unique Native4K imagery with smooth, detailed picture without visible pixel structure
even on large screens.
HDR compatibility with New Auto Tone Mapping function
Compatible with HDR 10 for contents like UHD Blu-ray and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)
adopted in broadcasting. Also equipped with a new function “Auto Tone Mapping" that
automatically adjust setting based on mastering information included in HDR content.
Different HDR images can be viewed optimally for each content.
Other Features
• Equipped with “Installation Mode" function that saves up to 10 kinds of installation settings such as lensmemory,
pixel adjustment, screen mask etc. all together.
• Supports full spec 4K video input compatible with 18 Gbps transmission band
The DLA-RS3000 is equipped with a high resolution 18 element, 16 group all glass lens with an aluminum lens barrel ensuring high resolution to every corner of the screen. Thanks to its 100mm diameter, a wide shift range of +/-100% vertical, +/-43% horizontal is achieved. Five special low dispersion lenses accommodate the different refractive index of Red, Green and Blue suppressing chromatic aberration, color bleeding, and faithfully reproducing 8K resolution.
4K Anamorphic Scaling
This projector is compatible with commercially available anamorphic lenses and ultra-wide format screens for an immersive movie theater experience. It also features a new scaling mode that is optimized for the full native 4096 x 2160 (17 x 9) resolution of the D-ILA device.
8K e-shift Technology*
JVC's proprietary 8K e-shift technology reproduces image quality beyond 4K. It works by shifting pixels diagonally 0.5 pixel, quadrupling the picture resolution. Together with three native 4K D-ILA devices, the projector is able to realize 8K image resolution of over 35 million pixels.
Image Devices
Projection Technology
Projection Chip size
0.69 inch
Number of Projection Chips
Native Resolution
4096 by 2160 Pixels
Electronic E-Shift Generation
Max Resolution
8192 by 4320 Pixels
Polarize Light Output
Light source technology
Ultra-High Pressure Mercury Lamp 265Watt
Type of the Light source
Number of Light sources
1 unit
Expecting Lifetime save mode
Light and Contrast
Brightness Typical
2200 ANSI Lumen
Contrast Typical
100000 to 1
Dynamic Contrast
1000000 to 1
-15 to 0 Adjustment
Manual Light Power Control
High / Low
Color Bit depth
12-bit Input, 12-bit Display and Signal Processing
Color Space
DCI P3 100% REC 709
Model Name
JVC Regular Lens
Zoom Lens
Lens include
Zoom Electrical or Mechanical
Electrical Zoom
Focus Electrical or Mechanical
Electrical Focus
Aperture ratio F:
0 to 0
Focal length f:
0mm to 0mm
Lens Ratio Factor
1.4:1 to 2.8:1
For Lens Type A:
JVC Regular Lens
A) Throw ratio:
1.4:1 to 2.8:1
A) Lens Shift Vertical
+/-100% motorized
A) Lens Shift Horizontal
+/-43% motorized
A) Projection distance Wide to End
1.75 m to 8.48m
A) Projection distance Tele to End
3.61m to 17.14m
A) Screen Size in inch diagonal
60 inch to 280 inch
Lens Memory Function
Lens Memory User Preset
10 Presets
Lens Aperture
16 Steps
Focus/Zoom Adjustment on internal Test Patterns
Focus/Zoom Adjustment on User Signal
OSD Language
English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Français, Português, Nederlands, Polski, Norsk, Русский, 中文, 繁體中文, 日本語
Picture Mode Presets
Natural / Cinema / HDR10 / HLG / Film / THX / 6 User modes
Color Temperature
5500K / 6500K / 7500K / 9300K / Xenon 1 / Xenon 2 / High Bright / HDR10 / HLG / 2 User modes
Gamma adjust
HDR(PQ) / HDR(HLG) / 2.2 / 2.4 / 2.6 / Cinema 1 / Cinema 2 / Film 1 / Film 2 / 3 Custom modes
Gamma Processing Depth
12 Bit
Manual Gamma Settings
E-Shift Control
MPC Level
Enhance / Smoothing / NR
HDR Compatible
HDR Gamma
HDR10 / Hybrid Log
HDR Picture Mode
BT.709 / BT.2020 / DCI / HDR
Color Management
6-Axis adjustable CMS
Clear Motion Drive
Off / Low / High / Inverse Telecine
Motion Enhance
Off / Low / High
Picture tone
Picture Tone (overall brightness) / Dark Level / Bright Level
Clear Black
Pixel Adjustment Whole Screen
Pixel Adjustment Zone Screen
Screen Type selection
148 Presets
Anamorphic Mode
A (2.35:1) / B (16:9) / C (Full width of the panel) / Off
Digital Keystone
+/- 16 not workable on 4K 50/60P sources
Gaming Mode ( Low Latency)
YES Blur Reduction Modes ON/OFF
Auto Calibration
Calibration software, Free Download, form support area,
you need optional sensor
Screen Mask
Off / 0 to 220 Pixels for four sides of the image
THX Certification
ISF Certification
Start up Logo
Control4 SDDP
General Hide Mode
Internal Test Patterns
NO - for Service only
Standby Timer
Off / 1 Hour / 2 Hours / 3 Hours and 4 Hours
ECO Mode
Projector System Status Screen
Local Projector Control Buttons
Menu Position select
Black/Blue Screen select (in case of no Input source)
Input Signal
Input Signal Capability Special Notes:
HDMI2 supports two EDID Modes A/B A under normal conditions, Older Hardware may need to use B settings
3D Capability
Yes, active Stereo
HDMI Input Signal
480p, 576p, 720p60/50, 1080i60/50, 1080p60/50/24, 3840×2160p60/50/30/25/24, 4096×2160p60/50/30/25/24
Input Level Adjustment
Auto / Standard (16-235) / Enhanced (0-255) / Super White (16-255)
Color space range for inputs
Auto/ YCbCr4444 / YCbCr422 / RGB
3D Format
3D Capability
Frame Packing
720p 60/50, 1080p 24
720p 60/50, 1080p 60/50/24, 1080i 60/50
Top & Bottom
720p 60/50, 1080p/24
Image Timing Data
Short Timing for Gaming
Input Terminals
Yes, 2 x HDMI 19 pin HDCP 2.2
IR Remote
Type A for service only
Output Terminals
Trigger Terminal
Yes, 3.5 mm mini jack DC Power DC OUT 12V 0.1A
3D Synchro
Yes, Dedicated terminal for 3D synchro emitter mini DIN 3 Pin
RS-232C Terminal
LAN Terminal
Control Terminals
RS-232C Terminal
Yes, 9 PIN Sub-D male (external control)
LAN Terminal
Yes, RJ45
IR Remote Receivers
2 Front/Back
Selection of IR codes
Power and Environment Spec´s
Noise Level (0-26 degree)
24 dB (when the lamp is in Low mode)
Power Requirement
AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
400 Watt
Power Standby
1,5W ECO 0,3 Watts
Power Networked Standby
1.3 W (LAN), 1.0 W (RS-232C), 1.3 W (LAN and RS-232C)
Switchover Time
20 min. (To standby or networked standby; default)
Operation Temperature in Celsius
5C to 35C
Operation Humidity:(Non-Condensing)
20% to 80%
Storage Temperature in Celsius
-10C to 60C
Installation Height
Below 5,000ft (1524 m)
Installation Angle
Horizontal +/- 5 degree / Vertical +/- 10 degree
W 500 x H 234 x D 518 mm
21.8 kg
High Altitude Mode
YES /ON/OFF should be set to ON from above 900 Meters
Motion Platform usable
Include Package
Cord B
Cord C
IR Controller
Battery Type:
2 x AAA Type
Lens cover (for shipment only), Quick user guide, Safety precautions. For full instruction, please download form this web site.
General Editing Note
General Note:
Simulated pictures.The values for weight and dimensions are approximate.E.&O.E. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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