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dolby atmos dts x wireless theater system


Listening to 3D surround sound at home usually requires 12 speakers. With EXOFIELD technology, you can enjoy a realistic 3D sound field with just one set of devices.

Enhance your time at home with the EXOFIELD Theater System

EXOFIELD technology provides an amazingly immersive experience with just a pair of headphones. Enjoy your favorite content no matter the time of day, or room size.

By simply wearing headphones, you can fully enjoy multi-channel sound sources (7.1.4ch) such as the latest audio formats including Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X®, which are used in the latest video contents. Time at home becomes even more exciting when experiencing the immersive and powerful audio that EXOFIELD Theater provides, even past midnight!

EXOFIELD Technology

With conventional headphones, the sound field is localized inside your head, or “In-head Localization”. JVC’s EXOFIELD technology features unique “Out-of-head Localization Sound Field Processing" that delivers a natural sound field and localization as if listening through speakers.

With just headphones, you can now enjoy multi-channel sound sources (7.1.4ch) with the latest audio formats including Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X®.
In addition, you can up-mix your favorite 2ch or 5.1ch content to 7.1.4ch for a more spacious sound.


All individuals hear sound differently, depending on the shape and size of their ears and head

  • Sounds are directed by the pinna to the eardrum through the ear canal.

  • People's pinna shapes are different so sound reaches the eardrum differently.

  • Personal characteristics affect all direct and reflected sounds.

How it works

Measures and analyzes individual characteristics of the ear with dedicated app.

Provides customized signal
processing for each individual.

Delivers the optimal sound field for each user.

EXOFIELD Theater System

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