When you crave a good night's sleep and maybe even a little bit of silence, these earplugs can help. They're designed to block out noise, helping you enjoy peaceful rest in any situation, from travel to commuting to soundproof your own space.

    Earplugs; First-class comfort fit and sound protection offering maximum Noise Reduction Rating:SNR29dB ( NRSA Max 35dB )


    JVC Earplugs

    Carry the Silence

    The EP-S433 model is a new type of ear plug developed according to diversified lifestyles, which is designed for people who want to concentrate on work, study, reading, sleeping soundly or just wanting to spend time in a calm environment without sound.
    Geared towards a style of living that embraces ear plugs not only when sleeping, but also during everyday life.


    First-class comfort fit and sound protection

    High-level Sound Isolation

    Earplugs have increased sound insulation rated up to 35dB* from low to high frequencies. Perfect for concentration at work, study, reading, sleep, and relaxation. They also protect your hearing by blocking out ambient sound.


    • First class comfort fit and high sound protection
    • High isolation with 29 dB (NRSA max.35dB)
    • EPA approved.
    • Suit for the purpose: Marshmallow earpiece for high sound isolation, silicon earpieces for comfortable fit.
    • JVC's unique Air Cushion delivers the ultimate fit for comfort during long hour use.
    • Easy to wear with finger -fit indentation
    • Waterproof for daily use.
    • Included the convenient pouch to carry.
      Technical Specifications

      EP-S433 - Earplugs

      2.5 gr
      In the Box
      Carrying pouch
      Regular Silicon Earpieces
      Yes, 3 sizes S/M/L
      Memory Foam Earpieces
      Yes, 2 size S/M

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