JVC Wireless headphones HA-S30BT

HA-S30BT Wireless Bluetooth headphones in 4 vivid colours


Watch the movie on the HA-S30BT wireless headphones



The JVC HA-S30BT on ear wireless headphones for music enthusiasts who love to coordinate with fashion styles.


Wireless Headphones HA-S30BT


The on ear HA-S30BT Bluetooth wireless headphones are ready for streaming audio from a compatible device within a 10m range.

HA-S30BT powerful low frequencies

Sound quality

The HA-S30BT Bluetooth light-weight on ear headphones feature powerful low frequencies and a Bass Boost function giving a great audio experience.

4 vivid colours HA-S30BT headphones


The HA-S30BT come in 4 vivid colours, red, blue, yellow and black so pick the style that suits you the most.

17 Hours battery power HA-S30BT headphones

Plenty of time

17 hours of music playback without the hassle of wires, giving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your playlist wherever you are.

Built-in mic and remote HA-S30BT

Built-in mic and remote

You can play, stop, or skip tracks, as well as being able to answer phone calls by using the buttons on the headphone.

USB charging on HA-S30BT headphones

Recharging the battery

Micro USB charging cable is provided


Swivel design HA-S30BT headphones

Swivel design

The ear cups swivel flat, making it easier to carry them around and they’ll always be with you wherever you go.



HA-S30BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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