Everio R - High-quality image and sound


JVC camcorder full HD recording  

Full HD 1920 x 1080 Recording

Record, watch and share high quality video in native Full HD resolution. 1080/50p progressive recording is also available for high-end models GZ-RX615 (Matt Black) and GZ-RX610 (Glossy Black). 


Everio R HD logos



Enhanced Image Stabiliser

Count on steady, less jittery images with effective compensation for camera shake. 

Everio R Enhanced-Image-Stabiliser

Without Stabilisation 

With Stabilisation 



K2 TechnologyEverio R K2 Technology

Restores sound elements that are lost during digital compression, assuring realistic sound of recorded scenes.



Everio R one-touch slow motion playback  

One-Touch Slow Motion Playback 

Instantly engages slow motion playback while playing back a video. Convenient way to check movement of sports scenes. 



Time Counter REC/PLAY

Everio R Time Counter REC/PLAY

Time Counter REC 
Time information can be recorded along with the video. Counter keeps rolling even while not recording or when the camera is turned off 

Time Counter PLAY  
Starts time counter at any point and the elapsed time is displayed on screen. Use it as a stopwatch. No effect on the original recording.



JVC camcorder Self Check REC/PLAY  

Self Check REC/PLAY 

Automatically repeats recording and playback at set intervals. Good for checking your own form, such as a swing or a step.  


GZ-R415 available in 4 colours  

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