Complies with latest HDMI / HDCP 2.2 standards


JVC projector HDMI rear inputsThe projectors comply with the latest HDMI/HDCP 2.2 standards, with 18 Gbps transmission bandwidth compatibility, enabling full-spec 4K input signals – including 4K 60P 4:4:4, 4K 60P 4:2:2/36-bit and 4K 24P 4:4:4/36-bit – to be reproduced with vivid colours and precise gradation. In order to be compatible with copyright-protected content, such as OTT video services and the next-generation Blu-ray disc, the projectors comply with the latest HDCP 2.2 standard. With two HDMI terminals, up to two copyright-protection-compatible HDMI devices can be directly connected.






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